Why should I hire a Publicist?

Branding & marketing are crucial elements to building an artist’s brand and presence. Through sourcing placements (music reviews, artist interviews, guest mixes, etc.) across the digital media landscape, we focus on tastefully generating buzz while building relationships with editors and taste-makers through timely pitching and sharing content.


Additionally, having your music written about in a publication will organically boost your online presence (Google), and maybe even give a nice jump to your play count.


Services like Spotify and Apple Music actively monitor music blogs to source content for their playlists (eg. Spotify's "Fresh Finds").


You can gain exposure to new listeners and potential lifelong fans.


Get help distributing, publishing and/or licensing your new music globally, or in a specific country.


Receive detailed, insightful feedback from industry professionals.


Find artists to remix, get your own song remixed, or collaborate with musicians/vocalists.


We can also handle Artist management, counseling and development.

For all inquiries: info@davidkim.biz

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