Aux London

DSP + Playlist Pitching

Our exclusive partners for DSP pitching, Aux London, are data driven marketing experts focused on coordinating editorial and independent playlist strategy and the surrounding marketing on your artists’ behalf.

Aux implements high streaming organic and active independent playlisting campaigns, targeting curators that range from major labels playlists, to social media brands, to large Youtube brands who have transitioned their presence to Spotify. 

As a company, Aux has delivered over 500M+ in streams in promotional campaigns, charted 200 records on Spotify’s viral charts, assisted 400 artists in upscaling Spotify editorial and run over 3500 Spotify data driven campaigns in 6 years of operation.


Digital Marketing & Advertising

Our exclusive partners for digital marketing and advertising, FANTOM uses the most relevant social platforms to promote your brand, event, or career. With nearly a decade of industry experience, FANTOM is set up as an agency to run ads with Facebook/Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat and more! 

FANTOM uses a suite of awareness tactics amongst your targeted audience to build word of mouth and sharing power. We use our extensive list of proprietary data to target your current and most importantly, your FANS OF TOMORROW.

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